Best Countries To Buy 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry


Thailand is clearly one of the favourite country to source for wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry. The Thai jewelry industry creates almost 800k jobs for the Thailand economy. Thai craftsmen are known for their skills in jewelry making and polishing. Thailand imports raw materials from other countries and trades them or turns the raw materials into beautiful pieces for the retail market or for export. They are known for their reasonable pricing and quality.



For years. China has been known for their gold jewelry industry as it is a Chinese tradition to buy gold jewelry for friends and relatives and for important events.

In the recent years, Chinese jewelry suppliers have been making themselves known in the silver jewelry industry. Many of the factories are churning out stainless steel or lower priced jewelry.

High end jewelry sector has also taken off due the increased disposable income of its people.

Chinese jewelry suppliers can be found in Shubei Jewelry Park in Shenzhen. Some commented that quality might be an issue.



India’s jewelry contributes about 7% of the economy and one of the fastest growing sectors.

Indians are very proud of their jewelry and have elaborate and unique designs in their collections, including toe rings, nose rings, etc.



Without a doubt, Bali is a favorite destination for people who love unique jewelry. These silver jewelries are made by skilled artisans who incorporate Balinese design onto the pieces. If you love Indonesia art, you will love their silver pieces.

However, a few people have warned to be careful on who you buy from as the silver might not be real 925 silver but just silver plated brass.



Italy is well known for their technology for jewelry making. Because of their superior technology, they often produce pieces that other countries are unable to produce.

With their trend setting designs, Italy has been one of the top destinations for buying top quality jewelry.  Although the jewelry prices are not cheap, but you will be assured on getting a fashionable and quality product.


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