Choosing The Best Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Distributors

There are many wholesalers selling a myriad of silver jewelry. Some suppliers might be selling ridiculously cheap silver jewelry, but should you buy from them ? The answer depends on the customer group that you are selling to. If you are selling to price conscious customers, these cheap jewelry might be the right merchandise to carry. But bear in mind that these cheap knockoffs might not be the authentic 925 silver. Most of these pieces are simply made of nickle/brass with a thin silver plating that fade out after a few wears.

For most gift/jewelry stores, these cheap suppliers are not for you.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best wholesale sterling sliver jewelry distributor

  • It would be ideal if the wholesaler only sells to businesses like retailers/dealers. You might not want the wholesaler to complete with you if he sells directly to consumers as well. Anytime, they can change the pricing of the product and affect your store sales.
  • Your distributor / wholesaler should be buying directly from the manufacturer. This is to help to reduce cost for you.
  • Check the pricing. As mentioned above, cheap pricing mostly suggest that the jewelry piece is of inferior quality. For buying genuine 925 silver pieces, there is always a base price plus the workmanship costs.
  • Ensure that there is an official stamp on the jewelry acknowledging that it is a real sterling 925 silver. For example, a piece might have the stamp of “925” or “sterling”.
  • Check the workmanship. Some jewelry suppliers have not up to par workmanship, for example, stamping, polishing, etc..


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